Cancellation Policy


The Insurance Company which has assumed a specified risk has the right to cancel the contract in accordance with the terms of the contract.


The Insurance Company has the right to cancel the Insurance Policy without providing coverage if it finds that the Insured at the inception of the contract, made a false statement / representation or glossed over facts that were reasonably known to him, and had the Insurance Company known these facts, would not have accepted the insurance contract or would have applied different terms and premiums,

The Insurance Company has also the right to cancel this insurance policy by sending seven days notice by registered letter to the Insured at his last known address. In this case, will return to the Insured, the earned premiums ratio, except for those cases where it has commenced and/or paid any claim or there is a pending claim, then the Insurance company has the right to keep the unearned premium.

In case of theft of the insured vehicle, the contract will be cancelled as soon as the Insurance Company are informed by the Insured for the claim and the Insured will not be refunded any premiums.

The Policy may be also cancelled anytime by the Insured with written notice of seven days and even if there has not been any claim during the current Period of Insurance and a valid Certificate of Insurance has been returned to the Company on or before the date of cancellation, the Insurer is entitled to keep the accrued premiums based on the prices applicable to Short Term Insurance (at the Company’s short period rates).

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